Change Management

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Course overview

Your interactive session will provide you with the tools to ensure communication is understood and accepted. You will explore attitudes, barriers and responses to expect during the process. Working with the expert facilitator and your peers, you’ll identify core skills and behaviours needed to successfully implement change and learn about the support you or others may need.

  • 2.5-hours of online instructor-led training & workshop activity.
  • Interactive digital tools that include:
    • Downloadable course workbook that includes:
    • Post-course application guide for participants.
    • Post-course application guide for line managers.
  • Action plans to ensure learning is transferred and sustainable.


Change happens. Whether it’s intentional - aimed at ambitious growth, diversification or transformation, or if it’s a reaction to external forces, it’s something businesses need to be able to manage effectively. This interactive session prepares professionals who lead or implement change of any scale in your organisation.


  • Understand why change needs to be manage carefully.
  • Be able to articulate the core features of good changes.
  • Recognise and respond to emotional reactions to change.
  • Create a compelling vision of the future to inspire others.

“Even though it was just 2.5 hours of training I could get a lot of information and define a system to achieve my goal.”