Creativity and Innovation

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Course overview

Your engaging virtual session will enable you to develop creative thinking and foster the right environment for it to flourish. You will learn methods to encourage different viewpoints and perspectives and approaches to boost creative thinking in others. There’ll be opportunities to identify barriers and how to overcome them as well as tools to generate and evaluate ideas

  • 2.5-hours of online instructor-led training & workshop activity.
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes:
    • Post-course application guide for participants
    • Post-course application guide for line managers.
  • Action plans to ensure learning is transferred and sustainable.


In a world of Pelotons and Ubers, businesses are all looking to find ways to innovative and disrupt their markets, with those who achieve this seeing huge rewards. Creativity and innovation isn’t just about disruption, by developing the behaviours in your people
at every level you can encourage a dynamic working culture, empowering your people to improve processes and solve customer and business problems.


  • Be able to take different perspectives to explore an issue.
  • Understand opportunities for creative and innovative thinking.
  • Have strategies to increase creativity individually and in groups.
  • Know potential barriers and how to overcome them.

“The instructor did a really good job at including everyone and making it interactive. A thoroughly worthwhile experience”