Cultural Awareness

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Course overview

Your focused and informative session will open your eyes to the values that underpin cultural identity, exploring these through the lens of the six main ‘cultural difference’ theories. Working through practical examples of workplace situations, you will have an opportunity to dissect causes of frustration and consider strategies to build productive

  • 2.5-hours of online instructor-led training & workshop activity.
  • Downloadable course workbook that includes:
    • Post-course application guide for participants
    • Post-course application guide for line managers.
  • Action plans to ensure learning is transferred and sustainable.


We live in a connected, global world and opportunities for collaborating, working and doing business with people from other cultures is now commonplace. Supporting your people to build their awareness of some of the similarities and differences, values and drivers people from different cultures may demonstrate will give them the opportunity to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships and to avoid conflict or even discrimination.

This course will benefit professionals who work with diverse cultures and want to build knowledge to positively embrace the differences.


  • Be able to explain what culture is and its origins.
  • Have increased awareness of the differences between cultures.
  • Be able to better communicate in a variety of situations.
  • Have tools to improve how they work across cultures.

“Great training, very useful content throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience which I can relate to in my daily tasks”